“Doc” Peter Eugene

“Doc” Peter Eugene

‘Doc’ Peter brings with him to the table a background of 10 years in Medical and Military Industrial Complex where he got to see first hand that most protocols used in the Navy Medical were patterned after the protocols in the land of Allopathy/Chemical Medicine where healing was lacking do to the same chemicals being used to treat one side of the human element while leaving out the most important parts in the healing realms….

After his stint in the Navy he has been a master researcher in applying outside the box healing modalities to help the heal the Mind, Body, and Spirit which fit his capacity to effective heal the whole person… ‘Doc’ Peter also brought forward 8 years of alternative healing to Alternatives on his Solutions for the Planet show which is still archived with passed shows touching on topics Main Stream Media has failed miserably to cover for helping humanity,,,,

So to date ‘Doc’ Peter has aligned with brother brad in the healing efficacies of working in real time for over 6 years with the healing Edible Hemp paste to help humanity heal the mind, body and Spirit to create and fix all Neurological Issues affecting mankind….

With that being said he is steadfast on the path to teaching healing worldwide to help humanity worldwide bring the consciousness of man to a new era in healing society.. ‘Doc’ Peter practices what he preaches and is totally in tune with taking his own Edible Medicine which helps heal his PTSD as well as exercises and and grounds for his total body healing.

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ADDRESS: 68-1330 Mauna Lani Dr. Suite 400
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PHONE: (855) 656-8872


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